We are your go-to online destination for everything related to commuting in London.

Founded in early 2019, TheLDNCommuter is a blog with a focus on all things London and all things commuting. Our target audience is the 300,000 people that consensus has revealed, travel to and from London every single day for work. Spanning from the traditional, to the not so traditional methods of commuting, theLDNCommuter team strives to make a positive impact on commuters daily journeys – by providing how to guides and product reviews, which will make that next journey to work or next big purchase that little bit less stressful.

Not based in London? No problem, our commuting guides and product reviews will still be useful, even if you are based in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle – the list goes on. We are still very early in our journey to the mainstream – however our long-term vision is to become a daily necessity in a commuters life.


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