ECOSMO 26″ Folding Mountain Bike Review

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ECOSMO - Folding Mountain Bike

A fantastic mountain bike designed for any commuter who is on a budget

ECOSMO products are now ranking as the most popular among Amazon buyers. Offering a variety of designs, the brand are targeting budget-conscious cyclists seeking cheaper alternatives to other high-end bikes available on the market.

What makes ECOSMO’s offering unique, is that each product has been designed with convenience in mind. The majority of their bikes offer a folding mechanism, which makes life easier when it comes to storage or travelling via another mode of transport.

An example of this is the ECOSMO 26” folding mountain bicycle. A mountain bike at its core but foldable, it’s an excellent green transport choice for your daily commute, as well as a trustworthy companion for the weekend adventurer who likes to ride on mountain trails. 

With an impressive array of features and a more than attractive price point, this mountain bike has become a range-topper for beginners and intermediate riders, however is it worth the money? Read our review to find it out.


ECOSMO is a UK-based bike manufacturer headquartered in Birmingham and focused on providing premium quality products at competitive prices. Their range comprises both mountain and shopper foldable bikes in various frame sizes. 

The ECOSMO 26” folding bike is one of the most popular bikes within the ECOSMO range.


The bike features a folding frame made of Hi-Ten steel. While delivering impressive sturdiness and excellent balance on all terrains, don’t expect it to be lightweight. This sturdy workhorse has a gross weight of 22 kilograms – not excessive, but not the lightest either. 

The frame is a classic 18.5” diamond shape with full suspension. It’s an excellent choice for beginners and experienced riders alike, delivering more capability and versatility than a hardtail bike. 

A quick-release folding mechanism makes it very easy to hop on and off public transport, but the frame is not the only folding thing on this bike. The frame is fitted with folding pedals, quick-release handlebars, and quick release seat post. We believe these features make it a star among commuters looking for a bike that’s built for the city.

You can assemble and disassemble it in seconds, meaning that you won’t even have to bother about storage – even if you live in a tiny studio flat. 

Gear System

One of ECOSMO’s highlights is the 21-speed Shimano gear system. A choice that will let you enjoy longer rides without leaving you tired. 

This gear versatility makes it incredibly easy to maintain a steady cadence regardless of the terrain, leg fatigue, or weather conditions, so you’ll be able to observe a noticeable increase in endurance and stamina even if you’re not a seasoned cyclist. 


In an attempt to counterweight the heavy frame, ECOSMO equipped its folding mountain bike with lightweight aluminium alloy wheels. They still have steel hubs, which add structural sturdiness. 

As you can expect from a mountain bike, the ECOSMO comes with rugged tyres designed for the off-road. They have excellent adherence on asphalt too, and can be easily replaced with all-terrain tyres should you want to. 

A thing to keep in mind is that the bike comes with deflated tyres, so you’d better invest in a pump too – after all, you’re going to need a good bike pump anyway. 

Comfort and Style 

Overall, the ECOSMO 26” folding mountain bike is very comfortable to ride on all terrains. Full suspensions can easily take your ride to the next level regardless of what the road is throwing at you. The only thing that’s not so comfy is the saddle, which is rather rigid when first riding. 

However, the standard seat post size makes it easy to change the seat with a more cushioned one. 

In terms of looks, the bike impresses with flawless matt black paintwork and chromed accents on the fork and rear suspension. The exposed cables cut off some of the aesthetic factor, but you can’t pretend more from an affordable, entry-level bike.

Rear shocks increase stability on bumps and descents, meaning that you’ll be able to tackle most roads and trails in all confidence. No doubt, a smart choice for all types of terrain. 

A very nice touch is brought by the fenders. Inspired by nature, they look like fallen leaves and are absolutely fantastic. A fine example of how to enhance the visual factor without compromising functionality.


The whole purpose of a folding bike is portability, and this bike doesn’t disappoint. We particularly like the folding mechanism that literally takes seconds to operate. Hopping on a bus or navigating crowded underground stations won’t be too challenging.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not as lightweight as other folding bikes, but at 22kg it’s not excessively heavy. If you are not comfortable with lifting a fairly considerable weight, this bike may not be the best option for you.

When folded, the bike measures 97 x 35 x 75 cm. This is slightly larger than other ECOSMO folding city bike alternatives, that offer a more slender design.

Bike Pros

  • Very easy to fold and unfold 

  • Quick-release handlebar and seat post make it easy to store

  • Folding pedals 

  • Perfectly sized for most adult riders 

  • Full suspensions

  • Front disc brake 

  • Rear alloy V brake 

  • 21-speed Shimano gearbox

  • Inexpensive 

Bike Cons

  • Relatively heavy for a folding bike 

  • Very poor assembly instructions


The ECOSMO 26” folding mountain bike is an excellent entry-level folding bike that’s equally suitable for commuting as well as weekend rides. Perhaps it’s not the lightest out there, nor the most comfortable, but it is very sturdy and delivers smooth rides on most terrains. 

It needs some assembly, and you’ll have to inflate the tyres. Apart from that, just unfold it, and you’re ready to go. Quality suspensions and 21 speeds make it a breeze to navigate city roads as well as ride on mountain trails. 

It has beautiful aesthetics, and it’s very easy to dismantle for transport or storage.

Standard height and frame also make it an excellent choice for both ladies and gents. If you’re not too eager to carry too much weight, its aluminium alloy peer could be a great alternative. Otherwise, this bike will likely satisfy you – not to mention that it comes at a very affordable price. 


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